Final Fantasy VII is back

No, no new disappointing spin-off will be released; I’m bringing it back. After failing to remake my old Final Fantasy VII comics and publish them in colour, I redefined my remake concept.

At the end of 2010 I decided to spend some time colouring my Final Fantasy VII comics to provide them with some added value to justify publishing them here. But time went by and fundamental things applied and I haven’t done a thing. Even though, Dragon Ball Z has been remade as Dragon Ball Z Kai and the main difference are some cuts; therefore, my remake can consist in some cuts and typing the texts in the computer. Cheap an excuse as it is, zero euros is the quite cheap prize you’re going to pay for it. I guess we’re even.

Keep an eye on my blog for the work of my adolescence:

Final Fantasy VII

Coming soon (or not, you know…)

The improvement you won't see.


2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy VII is back

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