My East of Eden

A couple of months ago I completed the compass of Barcelona, but I’ve never told you about the four points in detail. Well, here comes the east.

Truth be told, my first cardinal point was not in the very Barcelona, but it was very close. In fact there was an underground station next to my flat, which is like living within the limits of Barcelona since people from Barcelona think that the world ends where the last station is.

A friend from school and I decided to become independent and looked for a place just for us, without unknown flatmates; a tiny modern family. She used to cook lunch, I cooked tea and we always had our meals together. We had a civilised agreement by which I washed the clothes and she cleaned the bathroom. We both did what we preferred — yes, she preferred rubbing the toilet to putting some shirts in the washing machine. By the way, we didn’t end up hating each other.

"What if I killed my parents before I was born?"

I wasn’t home in the mornings and she was out in the afternoons, so the evening was our family time. Then we watched television — or I did while she slept — and played board games with some guest — usually an interesting neighbour. Our rooms were front to front, so conversation would continue with the lights off. We were like Bert and Ernie, but we talked about the possible effects of changing the past when time-travelling and the derived theories of parallel universes.

Playing to be grown-ups was fun. We had little to worry about. But then we grew up for real and she got a job in Ireland and I… well, I moved to the next cardinal point.


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