Me, myself and I

Couple relationships tend to put me into a vegetative state. Not that I’m one of those we disappear and can’t be seen without their partner, but my initiative power descends dramatically.

Wracked by boredom and work, I decided to go back to my essence and liven up my routine. To that end, I just need to get rid of laziness and look for my friends instead of just wait to be found.

So last week I met a friend from my hometown whom I hadn’t seen for almost a year, a friend from university and even my long-lost ex — who inspired the periodic table speech —, whom I met by chance two years ago on the train and that was our only conversation in four years. Were you curious about it, we had lunch together, caught up with each other’s life and spend three hours on the sofa with the television off and roaring with laughter.

Gossiping apart, a dinner with some friends was put off on Thursday; however, as an advanced compensation, two of the teacher colleagues and I rustled up a tapas dinner after work. Although we had never talked outside the teachers’ room, my revitalising called for it. And it was worth it.

That was quite a great week to go back to my origins. Now I just need to keep it going.

Sometimes we need a reset.


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