Economy and ecology in the underground

After more than one year worried about the crisis and even more time worried about the environment, it’s surprising to see that obvious measures are not taken.

When you access the underground in Barcelona, you enter an electronic world full of screens, loudspeakers and light signs. This applies not only to the corridors, but also to the trains.

The trains are full of maps of the line with lights that tell which the next station is. This is useful, but not essential since the name of each station is written everywhere on its walls. A television in front of each group of sits is not needed either, not when everybody’s already got their own entertainment device. And if they don’t, they’ll read a book or think about their stuff for they’re able enough to keep themselves from boredom. And let’s not forget the arrows at both ends of the carriages pointing to the opening doors as if it wasn’t obvious which doors are opening.

A quite expensive sign to tell the time.

On the platforms, other televisions offer information questionably interesting and four — not one, not two, but four — light signs show the time to the next train, which can be repeatedly increased by thirty seconds to fit a delay.

Wouldn’t stopping the abuse of these devices save money and energy? However, they don’t overuse the public address system; although it’s funny how they use Charleston music to announce “Be careful! Pickpockets are all around you! Tiri tiriri, tiriri, tiriri!”


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