The Good Teacher

Teachers do make some efforts nobody can imagine and try to find the best way to get through our students, but there’s a limit to everything.

How am I going to teach what 'murder' means?

Last week I gave a lesson on health problems and first aid vocabulary and yesterday I showed them my hand at the beginning of the class. “What’s this?” “It’s a cut!” That was an easy one. I take some tissues out of my pocket. “And why am I using these?” “You’ve got a cold!” True. They whisper and wonder whether my cold is real or I cut myself for educational purposes. No. And I’m not going to try hard to make them remember a broken leg.

And fate wanted me to teach them even another word. After blowing my nose I wrote to bleed on the blackboard. When they asked about the meaning of that verb I showed them what happens to my nose when I keep blowing it a full week.


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