Life beyond dictionaries

I love it when the nice weather comes back. I go out more often, the sun charges my batteries and makes me happy and there are more suppers and social events.

Las Friday I had a supper with the colleagues from my master on Catalan correction. We were to meet at the flat of one of us and bring our specialities. We picked a day when the public transport worked late. Unfortunately, there was a strike that made the underground line we needed useless; though I wasn’t worried at all as a twenty-three-minute walk would deliver me to my bed.

We’re just as cute as them.

Should you think we talked a lot about our language, you’d be quite wrong. Correctors do have a life beyond dictionaries. And a new life is on its way since one of us is pregnant! At the beginning of the evening someone joked about pregnancy and the mother-to-be whispered to me “I am.” I couldn’t tell whether that was a joke or a confidence, so her confession was up in the air until she rose her glass with water in a toast and explained the reason for that liquid to be there. She’ll be responsible for passing on the pregnancy virus in the group.

Regarding the food, I can only praise our work as cooks. However, I might not be as great a cook for they only singled out the tomato in my pizza, the ingredient I forgot home and our host supplied me.

This was nothing but the beginning of the weekend, but you know I’m just as willing to write more than five paragraphs in a row as you are to read them.


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