My international ladies strike back

Can the same post be the part two of different and independent posts? In this blog, it can. At the beginning of the week I told you about the start of my weekend beyond dictionaries and almost a month ago I wrote about my international ladies.

The day after the master’s supper, last Saturday, I went out with the blond girl from Huesca, her boyfriend and the other girl who joined my trip to London unexpectedly, from Zaragoza. We ate at a Thai restaurant — I think — filled with plants, tables at different levels and wooden columns. It was the typical set for this scene in which the hero fights scores of ninjas. Little did we imagine that the waitress was going to pretend she didn’t know about the twenty-euros menu advertised at the entrance and try to sell us the thirty-euros one. Isn’t this dishonest or even fraudulent?

Choose your friends wisely.

We spent that night in an apartment in Sitges the Zaragozan girl’s got just where the waves meet the rocks. Summer hits and old soundtracks amused us through the night before playing a board game which would be a kind of psychology-centred Trivia based on research made before the nineties. We couldn’t help but falling asleep. Next morning we relaxed on the beach before having lunch back in Barcelona. I should strengthen links with this girl.

Some might be of the opinion that meeting my international ladies very often makes it less special. I’ll be sensible and keep my thoughts to myself. Notwithstanding, I must add that the girl who abandoned me for a job in Ireland is spending her weekend here again. I won’t accept complaints about not missing them enough.


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