The fundamental things apply as time goes by

Should it have remained unnoticed, I’ve been two weeks without publishing any post! The reason: the end of term.

Yes, teachers do have lots of work because of the exams too. In fact, it’s even worse for us, who need to correct piles of tests in a week or less. In addition to this, I’ve got other stuff and deadlines to meet. Numerous as my virtues are, manipulation of time is not among them. It was a matter of time, indeed, for my life to fall apart. Most things can be put back together and some can just be put away.

Fortunately, a blog is not too difficult to keep. There’s even some great —I hope— news: the digitalisation of my Final Fantasy VII comic I promised has started. The wisest readers may have realised the news come on the 7th, as in the 7th edition of Final Fantasy. And it will be on the next 7th that the first pages will be published. However, so nice a person am I that here’s a sneak peek for you to enjoy.

This will cost millions some day.


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