Back in the Val d’Aran, at the north of Catalonia, someone wrote about the inner poise provided by summer camps. Poor thing!

This was my week.

Maybe you’ve noticed I haven’t published anything for two weeks, the greatest gap until today — and last post was obviously prepared in advanced, which means I haven’t actually written for a while now. There’s a simple reason for this:

Mon 7: back from a camp. Sun 8: do the laundry and tidy my flat. Mon 9: private English lesson and checking a correction with the client. Tue 10: meeting with my master’s project director and meeting about the following camp. Wed 11: finish my master’s project and meeting with a new monitor. Thu 12: business at the Spanish Inland Revenue, clean the flat and other business which prevented me from attending a birthday party. Fri 13: SCATERM meeting and last preparations for the camp. Sat 14: The camp starts, and so does chaos.

Long gone are the times when I used to be a plain monitor who didn’t need to make decisions or be stressed about the organisation.

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