What’s the meaning of numbers in the current society? It surely depends on the number and the context.

Is 8077 just a number?

Numbers have become a mere system of classification and everything is numbered. Think about 8077, for example. 8077 could be the batch of a product, or a ticket for a concert, or a historical date or a club member number.

Not only do numbers classify and order things, they are also quantifiers. 8077 could be the number of kids that are going to summer camps in Catalonia this year, or the amount of money in somebody’s account (a rather uncommon thing nowadays) or the hours invested in a university degree.

Random as my obsession with number 8077 may seem, there’s a sensible explanation for it. 8077 was my candidate number for the Certificate of Proficiency in English. Guess who’s proficient now.

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