Private summer pleasures

My summer camps are over and I’m taking some days off before going back to the hard life of the freelancer.

There comes a summer in every man’s life in which you enjoy some absolute rest ignoring the piles of work in front of you and discover pleasures that had remained unnoticed or forgotten.

—     Crossing Barcelona on foot to the beach and going back home.
—     Reading non-stop for two days.
—     Being at home in your socks. And that’s it.
—     Not watching the Tour or the Olympic games. Gone are those summers at my parents place.
—     Having your showers with the door open.
—     Doing everything with the door open.
—     Having a shandy when you get home or while having dinner. Yes, I mean drinking alone, not as a social activity. Can you believe it? From me? I’m going wild! Or I have a problem…

What are your private summer pleasures?


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