Any plans for today?

Let’s face it, summer is over. Maybe meteorological summer is not, but summer holidays are over. Therefore, summer is over, for what is summer without holidays? Just a very hot winter that is around the Mediterranean Sea.

Last week I went back to the correction of the chemistry dictionary; last Saturday precisely. It might not be the best day to go back to work, so I just worked for a couple of hours in the morning and trusted the rest of my day to chance.

He’s not lost; he’s got all the imaginable options.

After idling away waiting for my lunch to be digested and for temperature to go down outside, I took a book and started walking as I do lots of afternoons now. Sometimes I enter a book shop and spend an hour in it; sometimes I find someone and have a little chat. What happened last Saturday was a bit more interesting.

As I was trying on some hippy pants (I can’t remember the last time I had bought any clothes) my phone rang. A friend of mine happened to be two streets from there and we decided to eat out that evening. What was supposed to end with an innocent drink at a bar ended as getting into bed late after dancing with new pants and a book in a plastic bag hanging from my belt. The best plan for a Saturday is definitely improvisation.


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