Catalonia, new state in Europe

Yesterday, 11th of September, National Day of Catalonia, I was just a man in 1.5 million people in the unnoticeable way. However, the more the merrier does apply to the occasion.

I was meeting three friends in front of the Casa Batlló, next to an underground station that the organisation advised not to use so as to avoid overcrowding, which made it really comfortable for a few people and me to get off the train there. One of my friends was already waiting for us unlike the other two, who were lost in the crowd somewhere. My friend and I resigned to make history without them.

One and a half million people felt the emotion of a nation pursuing its recognition within a forest of fluttering independence flags. Others witnessed the chants of the swarm of people on television. Those who are abroad settled for some pictures and comments on social networks — whenever the data was able to leave a phone — and some imagination.

Click on the image for a video.

Today the politicians are going to assess and, probably, use the independence rally. Unable as I am to comment on something that hasn’t happened when this post is being published, I can still make two remarks on things that have been said in the last days. Does anyone need to ask the other party or even a third one to finish a relationship? Then why should Catalonia discuss it with Spain or Europe? And isn’t it funny that, should Catalonia become independent, it would need to apply to be a member of the EU and Spain wouldn’t? A country would be divided in two territories different to the previous entity and only one is required to reapply. It doesn’t make sense that Spain wouldn’t need to apply because it keeps the old name, especially after losing a land that played a key part to getting its membership. Think about it.


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