That’s right, dear readers, the classes start again tomorrow. Maybe that’s why I’ve made the most of my last evenings; although I wouldn’t mind doing it when the classes start.

Last week Thursday evening  I attended the gathering in front of the Catalan government building after the forseeably fruitless meeting between Mas —the Catalan president— and Rajoy —the Spanish president. Later I improvised a dinner with a workmate, who trained me really well for the Proficiency.

Friday’s dinner was, however, more classy, since I ate in the garden of a house in the wealthy area of Barcelona. A friend was to celebrate a meeting with her friends from school and, as some were not able to attend it, she invited me. I enjoyed the fast and spicy chatter of four stranger girls who, unfortunately, felt too tired to join us for the last drink.

At the beginnin of the week, the same girl invited me again, this time with a common friend and because I had helped her translate her curriculum; plus she had some extra luncheon vouchers.

Last Thursday was the turn for a Peruvian restaurant —I think—, where I ate with a chemist who invited me to attend his swing lesson the day after.

That’s why I spent my Friday evening dancing swing, warming up for the night with a translator.

The best thing is that everything was quite inexpensive because of the invitations and the cheap places. There’s nothing like having good and resourceful friends and not having started the lessons.

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