I feel like Doraemon

How many keys do you need at a specific moment in your life? And how many sets of keys?

A couple of years ago I put my orange bag on the table in an English lesson to practise there is and there are, which was also good to revise some everyday vocabulary.

This could be me.

There were several things in my bag: some books, two folders, a pencil case, an umbrella, a notepad… and a set of keys; or rather, five sets of keys. I had my flat keys, my mother’s, my father’s, my grandma’s and the keys from work — classrooms and the laboratory at that time. My students were astonished and they obviously wanted to know what every single key opened.

My flat keys and my work keys are always in my pocket, as you can imagine; but I have to put my hand in my bag whenever I visit a relative. That’s why I feel proud when I get straight the right set. If Doraemon can find the right gadget in a fourth-dimensional pocket without even looking inside it, why couldn’t I find a bunch of keys in my normal bag?


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