Birthdays anthology – 1

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that I’m not a great fan of birthday parties; at least not the traditional ones. That’s why I offer you a collection of my celebrations.

I remember having just one birthday party in my childhood. I was about ten. It wasn’t the most amazing event ever, but just an afternoon snack with six or eight friends. We didn’t even play video games, the most impressive thing you can do at that tender age.

Can you count them?

The void connects that with my birthday in Portugal. That time I was to have a drink with a couple of Brazilians when someone phoned to tell them about an improvised party to celebrate the birthday of two girls. They didn’t want to leave me alone and I was thus invited to join the party; therefore a new birthday was to be celebrated since I had turned 23 the day before.

One year later I was living in my east of Eden. My birthday was on a Saturday and my flatmate was going to our hometown on Friday. When I got home there was a note on the living room cupboard the content of which is going to be revealed in my next post.


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