Birthdays anthology – 2

Here you are more of my birthdays!

When I was living in Badalona, my flatmate went to our hometown the day before my birthday. However, she left a note on the living room cupboard ordering me not to look in it before midnight. At twelve o’clock I opened it and found a present. I was to turn 24 in two hours and a half and, since she had inaugurated my birthday, there was no way I could get into bed. Therefore I dressed slightly seductively, took the underground and started wandering around the centre of Barcelona. Two girls and a boy who saw me offered me to join them in case I was alone. I’ve always been flexible with the no-talking-to-strangers advice.

Still burning.

My 25th birthday wasn’t celebrated with the usual magnificence of the quarter of a century. Who said I supported the decimal system? That year I was working on my master in analytical chemistry and, before leaving the laboratory on a Friday, I asked a guy in the inorganic chemistry department with whom I had friends in common to go out that night. Luckily, he’s an easy guy and the night was great. Like other times before, I confessed about my birthday at some random moment of the night, at that point he was nevertheless unable to process that information.

Last year the celebration was less impressive for I was absorbed by several things and I just ate out with a workmate.

In spite of that, this year I decided to make the most of the completion of 27 cycles around the sun. You’ll soon know how.


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