Now you’re about to know what happened when I completed 27 cycles around the sun.

After having tea on Tuesday I resolved to be awake at the exact time of my birth once more. However, going out on Tuesday is not like going out on Friday and my friends were working the following morning. Therefore I just went to a couple of bars where I held meaningless conversations. In the last bar there was a transsexual offering some playbacks as short breaks in her vulgar and hilarious monologue. Her jokes witnessed my goodbye to number 6 —for the next ten years at least.

May them burn for many years.

On Wednesday, I got up relatively early to go buy some presents for myself. This is by far the best way to like all the presents, moreover, there are truly love-motivated and not an obligation. In the afternoon I planned something for the next day, but that night I was going to dance swing.

With short notice and very few guests, on Thursday I had a humble birthday supper at home with balloons on the ceiling and even a video jockey. Unbelievable as it may seem, I didn’t cook hot sandwiches. We laughed as much as we talked and I got to blow a candle on an ice cream pot that we shared before moving to a bar for the last drink — although two guests had to leave for valid reasons. It was a wonderful night to end my birthday celebrations with the ones who really love me. Are they sweet!

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