Silent Vilafranca Hill

Is Christmas the coming of a child? And the world is not ending in the end, or is it? Do coincidences exist?

I’m in Vilafranca for the family meals and yesterday I was meeting a friend from school in the afternoon. A thick fog resembling that from Silent Hill filled the street when I went out and nothing farther than a few metres could be seen. Additionally, it was freezing cold. Fortunately, no siren was to be heard and now and then a car or a person turned the corner to prove that evil beings hadn’t replaced my hometown inhabitants yet.

I don't feel like going out. (source)

I don’t feel like going out. [source]

Anyway, isn’t it funny that the day before Christmas Vilafranca became Silent Hill? We might not be expecting the coming of Maria’s child, but Alessa Gillespies’s child this year. Perhaps the Mayas prediction wasn’t much ado about nothing after all.

To top it off, the video games Silent Hill Origins’s been my Christmas present. Let me give you a piece of advice, just in case you found yourself in the Silent Hill world for real: don’t wear glasses. Firstly, microdrops of water from the fog settle on them depriving you from your sight. On the other hand, it’d be highly inconvenient to have your glasses steam up when entering a building and being unable to see the beast that’s chasing you or the one awaiting inside. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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