Yesterday, 6th of January, the Three Wise Men delivered presents to the kids — and some adults — in Spain and, despite what I wrote two years ago, I went to Vilafranca to find out whether I was among the fortunate ones.

For the second year in a row, I asked the Wise Men for a book for every member of my family. Being a man I’m too lazy to search for original and breathtaking presents, so I choose a simple thing with an intrinsic value that doesn’t need to be shown in public and can be aesthetically put away when undesired.

My very own copy!
My very own copy!

People’s taste in books is something very subjective, which means that no objection can be raised to giving one. Additionally, the time my mother and sister spend reading, they won’t spend it watching junk TV like Wherever Shore.

A foldable umbrella, a pair of slippers and a special present were waiting for me in Vilafranca. The special present wasn’t from my family; it was from Salvador Macip. Three weeks ago, he offered a copy of his book El rei del món (‘The king of the world’, only available in Catalan for now) to every reader of his blog who wanted one — no small print — in a most selfless gesture.

Children — and teachers — stay home today to play with their new toys. It won’t be a problem to read El rei del món in my slippers. It’s unlikely I get to use my other present without looking stupid if it doesn’t rain though.

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