‘Death in Venice’ | ‘Mario and the Magician’

Two years ago I run into this book containing two novels by Thomas Mann. Here’s an abridged remake of my original post in Spanish.

MANN, THOMAS: Death in Venice | Mario and the Magician. [Original titles: Der Tod in Venedig and Mario und der Zauberer]

I read it in Spanish because I can't speak German — yet.

I read it in Spanish because I can’t speak German — yet.

Death in Venice is the story of a tired soul, just able to survive pretending, that discovers the spontaneous beauty manifested without effort or hesitation in the figure of a teenager.”

Death in Venice is meant to show a decaying writer inspired in Mann himself. The novel dwells on the psychology of the main character. That’s supposed to be its strong point; however, I’m keener on action than philosophy.

Mario and the Magician, story of a death on an Italian stage.”

Mario and the Magician is half long as the former and the psychology of the characters is left to the interpretation of the reader for the narrator leaves some feelings undefined. Despite being more descriptive, this novel is an allusion to Mussolini and the reader is to grasp the hidden content.

To sum up, should anyone feel curious about philosophical or social matters, they ought to get a copy of these novels.


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