CosmoCaixa Barcelona, a museum of science

Since my Saint’s Day is on the 3rd of February, which this year was on the first Sunday of the month, when lots of museums are free in Barcelona; I visited the CosmoCaixa Barcelona, a museum of science; despite not really caring about Saint’s Days.

Although the general entrance is free on the first Sunday of the month, the planetarium isn’t. On the other hand, I had a free ticket for owning the Youth Card — because I’m still young. However, scores of stingy families wanted to use the free day (just to save 2 or 3 euros!) and I couldn’t be bothered to wait in a theme-park-like queue. Therefore, I decided to go back on a normal day.

Nothing’s changed since my last visit eons ago. My favourite part — and the favourite part of anyone with a decent judgment — is still the inert matter area (that is, physics, chemistry and technology) in the room of the matter, obviously. The reproduction of a tropical rainforest is also worth it, but it’s more suitable for a zoo. And the sound telescope, a couple of parabolic dishes to talk from a long distance, is amazing too, but I couldn’t find my way to it.

The worst of this kind of museums is the parents — not the kids —, who don’t get the aim of the facility and take their children there to wander and play and touch everything just because. Few are the parents who stop their offspring and read the explanations to them in hope that they learn from the experience.

Now you know what to do in Barcelona from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm for 3 euros.

PS: My apologies for the links in Catalan. It’s not my fault that clicking on “English” you just get a crappy abstract of the real thing, though.

CosmoCaixa Barcelona on the outside.

CosmoCaixa Barcelona on the outside.


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