I hate the cold, but…

The first half of the winter, the cold half, is gone and temperature is due to start rising gradually soon.

This coat's proved to be useful to pull (& bear). (source)

This coat’s proved to be useful to pull (& bear). (source)

I’ve always disliked the cold. Should I have to choose, I’d say that January is the worst month of all just because of temperature. In fact, since global warming became a major issue, I’ve stopped recycling and using public transport. I bought a car and two motorbikes and I left them on in the garage to try and contribute to the eternal summer.

Nevertheless, winter’s got an undeniable charm that no other season possesses: clothes. Although the sight of skin in warmer times doesn’t offend me at all, the cold allows (requires) to combine several layers of clothes. It’s the perfect chance to show off polo-necked sweaters, scarves, coats…

That’s why I feel slightly upset when February goes by. However, there’s no need to worry; I’m making the arrangements to be smart in the months to come.


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