[Collective stories (Relats conjunts) is a Catalan blog that provides bloggers with a monthly picture to inspire a short story to share.]

“Dear Prince,

I am grateful indeed for your beating the dragon and freeing me from that tower where those bandits held me prisoner. Your heroic and selfless gesture of rescuing a plebeian maiden and offer her a present and a future and all your love was most moving.

It’s understandable that the current conflict with the neighbour kingdom about your future lands keeps you worried and that you have been a bit tense lately. It’s also understandable that you have gone to war to protect these lands.

However, and because I understand the nature of the happenings, I cannot bear them. You are avaricious and just willing to own. News have reached the castle that the fights ended weeks ago and that you have embarked on several campaigns to annex new territories.

I guess that all your love is not that much, that I probably was yet another acquisition and you were not saving me, but you needed me to feed your ego.

All this taken in account, I have decided to wait no more for you. I would rather be the most precious treasure of some bandits than the worthless toy of a noble who just turns to it when he has nothing better.

Do not misunderstand me, I still love you; you are the one who does not love me.

Best wishes for your conquests,

The Woman You Failed To Love.”

This is all what is awaiting you. (source: Relats conjunts)
This is all what is awaiting you. (source: Relats conjunts)

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