A tapa in Barcelona – About inefficient bars

A week after the birthdays danceathon there was yet another birthday to celebrate and we had plans to do use the gastronomic initiative De tapes per Barcelona, that is, bars all over the city offering a beer with a tapa for 2.40 €.

Having worked hard for most of last Saturday, I was meeting my chemist friends again at 9 p.m. for a tapas birthday. However, the evening started in a weird way as the birthday girl wasn’t attending her own party. We weren’t, nevertheless, going back home, since the tapas were waiting for us — or should I say tapa?

Some bars are much better than others. (source)

Some bars are much better than others. (source)

After the first bar at the edge of Gràcia — the most Catalan and less city-like neighbourhood in Barcelona —, we headed for its centre dodging treacherous sweets thrown by people on horses parading for Sant Medir festival. Once in the next bar, a waitress was sending the clients away for half an hour while they’d got more tapas ready. Unwilling to wait, we located the next bar on the route, where the waitress expected us to wait for one whole hour! Isn’t it unprofessional and insulting for a 6th edition not to have someone preparing tapas non-stop instead of waiting until they sell out?

This being almost two hours after our first and only consumption, the tapas evening was aborted. We sat at a bar for a hot dog; one each, that is, four in total — four deliveries that were spread in a twenty-minute period, for a hot dog is ridiculously complex to cook.

Can anyone celebrate a tapas birthday without the birthday person and with just one tapa? Yes, we can.


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