Technical problems right before the deadline

The week when February changed to March was (because of budget reasons) the last time I worked on the final revision of the chemistry dictionary and it’s worth being mentioned.

Exciting as ending a project can be — because either you can see the result of your work or you can devote to something new or just enjoy a well deserved break —, it’s not always a story to be told. It, nevertheless, is when technology is not on your side.

On Wednesday 27th of February, the Institut d’Estudis Catalans (the Catalan language academy) updated their online dictionary; therefore it wasn’t available for a couple of hours. Having to check if the terms in the chemistry dictionary are in it, that was quite inconvenient. However, it didn’t affect me thanks to a trick I’m going to tell you by the end of the week.

If only I had had someone to play noughts and crosses... (source)

If only I had had someone to play noughts and crosses… (source)

A real problem is when the organisation that employs you removes your privileges on their web by mistake and you can’t access their terminology management resource, which happened in the afternoon that same Wednesday. An email and fifteen hours were enough to solve that problem.

Unsatisfied with this, technology still wanted to play with me and on Saturday 2nd I spend five hours trying to load the web page of the organisation. After lots of error messages and pressing F5 to boredom, an incomplete and haphazard visualisation of the page was achieved. It was enough to log in and start the terminology management resource, though.

Moral: Set a personal deadline previous to the real one, for unforeseen technical problems — or any kind of problems — might just be slightly annoying during a final revision, but they surely are a huge challenge in the thick of the project.


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