‘After Ever After’ – Jon Cozart (Paint)

Were you not taken aback by the sight of a video in my blog, you should read it more often. There must be an important reason for my adding the very first one to this post, don’t you think? Just read the post; it’s short.

Introducing the artist.

Introducing the artist

On the 13th of March, Jon Cozart (Paint), a young North American musical comedian, released After Ever After, in which he tells the story after the happy ending of four Disney films. His evident talent aside, Jon Cozart smartly adds some criticising about environmentalism issues, the War on Terror or the colonization of America.

One week later, he asked for volunteers to translate the subtitles into Chinese or Japanese in his Facebook page. Being a translator and Catalan, there’s no way I could not offer him a translation into an as exotic a language as Catalan is. He admitted to be excited and grateful about it and even showed some interest in my language and its territory.

Now, please, enjoy his talent and — why not? — my subtitles — should you understand them.


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