Cooking and university parties

It wouldn’t be the first time I praise improvisation nor the last; however, I’m just going to tell the festive-culinary facts from last week.

The girl with whom I lived in Badalona and who’s worked in Ireland for three years told me she was coming to the second world for a week. I was summoned for dinner in Vilafranca twice. The first time was on Wednesday. We ate at the Chinese restaurant, as we always do when she visits, and she footed the bill, as she’s always done since she gets a European salary. The second time was on Friday, for the house-warming dinner of a friend who feed us homemade pastries and lasagne.

As eating is a much more enjoyable activity than cooking, for I’m quite lazy, I loved that. That Friday I didn’t cook at all. On Thursday a colleague teacher made tiramisu for her class to my disappointment, since I wanted some. Sunk into remorse, that evening she invited me to crepes and tiramisu for lunch next day. That’s how I ate like a lord without entering the kitchen that day.

Click to search Waldo (source)

Click to search Waldo (source)

Saturday wasn’t that culinary glamourous because my dinner consisted in a piece of pizza and some chips from a stand. It was, nevertheless, actually festive as the stand was at the Telecogresca, a university party that has become a massive annual event in Barcelona. Therefore, not all the attendants were younger than my little sister, but some of them could be my parents. It was my first time at the six-hour concert and it was a last-minute substitute of a pending fast drink with a guy.

And let’s not forget about the biscuits and chocolate on Sunday’s afternoon at my grandma’s!


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