Artisans in Vielha – about accommodation

You have to make the most of your travelling experiences; that is, the more posts you write, the better the experience was. Therefore, here’s some information about my friend’s grandma’s apartment in Vielha.

Just lovely, isn't it? (Gorka Montiel)

Just lovely, isn’t it? (Gorka Montiel)

When we got there at midnight, the artisans were taking mattresses out of their vans and up to the apartment. The flat had been rented a while ago and now it’s being refurbished. Thus, there are no beds or furniture, apart from several sofas and some cupboards in a room. We displayed the mattresses around the living room and examined the place.

There was a boiler we’d need to learn to use and found the stopcock. However, the tap which would be connected to a dishwasher or a washing machine was broken, so we cut off the water. The two non-artisans had two tasks for the following day.

The purchase of a screw-on cap solved the tap problem. There was, nonetheless, a little leak still. Hence, the procedure consisted in turning on the water when it was needed and collecting the leaking water in a bucket, which would be used to flush the toilet. Regarding the boiler, we almost blow the building up filling the kitchen with gas. Whoever felt like showering would have to heat some water in pots. Never mind; don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

On the other hand, natural light entered the apartments through big windows on every wall keeping the rooms warm for the day. We enjoyed quite a luxurious holiday after all — with a century-old luxuries, though.


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