TED – Ideas worth spreading

TED is an organisation with its roots in a conference on technology, entertainment and design and which got its name from their initials. However, every possible subject is considered in current conferences.

Technology, entertainment, design and a lot more.

Technology, entertainment, design and a lot more.

Now two annual four-day conferences are held. TED Conference is the original one and it takes place in California in spring. On the other hand, TEDGlobal was organised for the first time in 2005 with a more international approach. Nowadays it’s held in Edinburgh in summer, although it’s been held in Oxford and Tanzania before. TED speakers deliver dynamic, witty, brisk, moving or surprising 3-to-18-minute talks.

TED Talks was created to share the talks online. There are more than 1,500 videos now. All of them are provided with subtitles in English and lots of other languages thanks to the TED Open Translation Project. Selected volunteers around the globe translate the English transcripts of the talks into their languages. As a Catalan, let me point out that over 15 % of the videos are already subtitled into my language.

You should check TED’s website; you’ll surely find something interesting.


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