Interpreting forum theatre

Last Saturday I had lunch with some friends from the swing lessons. We gathered at the terrace of a guy’s flat and shared plenty of food and some dances under the sun —after an heavy storm that had finished by midday. When they decided to take the party somewhere else I had to leave them. But, why?

On Sunday, I was waking up at 8 in the morning to work as a Spanish-English interpreter with a friend on a forum theatre.

The forum theatre is a branch of the theatre of the oppressed by Augusto Boal. The actors perform a short scene with a growing conflict and the action stops at its peak. Then, there’s a dialogue with the members of the audience, who contribute with new points of view and their ideas on how a character could make a difference by changing their approach and who are invited to test their proposal becoming actors themselves in a new version of the scene.

The organizers of the event.

The organizers of the event.

Last Sunday’s event with La Xixa Teatre theatre company was part of a two-day event in Barcelona called “Towards a Citizens Pact: Civil Rights in Europe” and organized by European Alternatives.

It’s a pleasure to take part in this sort of events because of their content and because they are entertaining and enjoyable. Moreover, interpreting together with a partner made it easier for the audience to distinguish the different characters and allowed us some rest. Although working alone would have spared me turning the volume of my headphones down every two minutes after she turned it up thinking it was hers. Fortunately, I noticed the mistake and let her know saving myself from turning deaf.


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