Not Suitable for Children. Peter Templeman; Ryan Kwanten, Sarah Snook. Australia, 2012.

“[Jonah’s] life is nothing but huge nights, sex, friends, and very occasionally, sleep. When Jonah is hit with a health crisis and told that he’ll be infertile within a month, he undergoes a massive shift in priorities and suddenly transforms from a freewheeling party-boy into a young man with a burning desire to be a father.”

I beg to differ
I beg to differ

There’s nothing like a comedy to fun up your summer holidays. This one might get quite dramatic at some points, though. It’s, nevertheless, still considered a comedy and it has several funny moments indeed.

As for the plot, the story is as simple as a guy trying to conceive some offspring before it’s too late. Moreover, what I suppose was intended to be an unexpected turn of events becomes obvious to (almost) everyone’s eyes way before it happens.

Even so, the film is still worth as deep issues blend into a comedy performed by an eye-delighting cast, and who doesn’t like these three components? By the way, some scenes are actually not suitable for children.


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