Advertising camouflaged as gifts

We’ve all used pens with names of banks on them or have worn T-shirts and bags we got from some alcoholic drink. They are offered as gifts, but they are just meant to be free advertising.

In summer, the number of hits tends to decrease because readers use the nice weather — although it’s being excessively nice — to go swimming, to go hiking or just read a book and detoxify from computers. Therefore, here’s a present for my most faithful followers — that is, people with boring lives —, something never seen before in this blog: pictures of its author!

I did post a picture of me watching the sunset three years ago; it was mainly the back of my head, though. And some might even remember a picture of my hands making sandwiches. Nobody’s ever seen any further details of my appearance. Now you’re about to get some; not that you really care.

The first photo was taken in the VII Seminari de Terminologia: «La nomenclatura química de la IUPAC en català», a conference on the chemical nomenclature of the IUPAC in Catalan that took place last november. My talk was about the Catalan translation of the IUPAC Compendium of Analytical Nomenclature, also known as the Orange Book.

Sembla que a l'Àngels (asseguda a la taula) li interessi més el cartell de la UB que jo, però en realitat mirava la presentació que hi havia projectada al costat (font)

It looks like Àngels (sitting at the table) is more interested in the UB logo than in me, but she’s looking at the projection behind me (font)

The second picture is from the II Jornada en Correcció i Assessorament Lingüístic, a conference on Catalan linguistic correction held last May. In that occasion I delivered the presentation of my master’s project on scientific writing in Catalan again.

Moment en què mostro el corpus d'estudi, els treballs majoritàriament cedits per amics perquè els els omplís de vermell (font)

This is me showing the corpus of my project, the work of some lab mates that I enjoyed covering with red ink (font)

And that’s enough showing off for today probably.


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