‘The Man from Earth’

The Man from Earth. Jerome Bixby, Richard Schenkman; David Lee Smith.

‘An impromptu goodbye party for Professor John Oldman becomes a mysterious and intense interrogation after the retiring scholar reveals to his colleagues he is an immortal who has walked the Earth for 14,000 years.’

Don't expect any special effects

Don’t expect any special effects

When a friend told me to watch this film she described it as a sort of Doctor Who. She’s rubbish at describing films, I guess. The main character of The Man from Earth is a long-lived man, indeed; however, he doesn’t travel through time more than any normal person does. He’s also had lots of adventures and met lots of interesting people and several personalities. Nevertheless, none of them will be depicted on screen.

That’s not a complaint, though. The whole film is a conversation that John has with his colleagues in an almost empty room. That’s what makes it awesome. As John claims to have been born as a Cro-Magnon, the only thing his friends can do is enquire about his past trying to find some — impossible — way to prove his statement.

How would you prove you’ve experienced history and not just studied it? Would it be wise to prove it anyway?


2 thoughts on “‘The Man from Earth’

  1. I said doctor who because you lack any other film knowledge or references whatsoever! Any comparison to any other movie you have not seen would be in vain. Hate from Cork.

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