TE13: A brief start in London

Yes, there’s going to be a post for every country in my tour; I’m sorry. On the other side, you won’t be bothered with absurd or personal details — although some might like the latter, gossip lovers. Only the most relevant facts — according to me, not necessarily to you — are to be mentioned.

When I boarded the plane to London, I wondered whether the announcements would be made in Catalan; it doesn’t always happen. Fortunately, they were. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the right speaker.

'In the unlikely event of me speaking properly...' [image: Jo Jakeman]

‘In the unlikely event of me speaking properly…’ [image: Jo Jakeman]

The different sounds of the letter s s were replaced by just one and all ll were pronounced as i. However, the translator wasn’t any better as there was a loan translation regarding the use of the gerund, which in Catalan is more restricted than in English.

There was a noticeable difference in the speech, though; and a funny and scary one it was. Why say ‘in the event of cabin depressurization’ but ‘in the unlikely event of landing on water’? Why this distinction? Is the cabin likely to depressurize perhaps?

My stay in London was short, a weekend. I had already been to the English capital and that was just a visit to a friend who had moved there last November. Short as it was, we had time, nevertheless, for a barbecue with lots of Basque people and to go swing dancing. More than satisfied, I boarded to Reykjavik.


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