TE13: Cork in short

As I said, my next stop was the country that smells like goat, smell that can be noticed when leaving the plane. Let’s remember this was the visit that set me on this tour around Europe.

My friend and her boyfriend were waiting for me at the airport to drive me to their humble mansion, an empty place, except for the numerous technological devices spread through the floors and the gradient of plants — from wild and all over the place in the garden to terribly dead on the upper floor. As a matter of fact, I like minimalist decoration; I’m not too keen on dead plants, though. On the other side, my room was provided with a bin as a bedside table and some Christmas lights to be used in need of a romantic ambience.

Ireland according to my experience [image: Ryan Kozie]

Ireland according to my experience [image: Ryan Kozie]

Remember that my hosts work four days a week, therefore, we’d spend six days together and I’d spend eight days on my own. The days we spent together, they showed me around the city, we played board games and cards and they took me to the beach, the cinema and the park. Speaking of which, damn the tropical weather of that country. There’s no use in travelling north to avoid the heat anymore.

When I was on my own, I finished and corrected some pending texts and made a big decision, which I can only say is related to dolphins. I also wandered around Cork, obviously, and spent a couple of hours in book shops and in the library, obviously, and found a pub where I could dance swing on Friday and I did, obviously. The city is neither big nor spectacular, but they do have an Abrakebabra, a kebabs version of McDonald’s — this couldn’t go unsaid.

And that’s a summary of two weeks of activity. Thanks, Òscar; but how comes two weeks can take only three paragraphs if your three-day visits take the same space? I happen to be very skilled at summarising, however, I’m even better at ‘spicing up’ stories, as friends usually point out.


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