Why is Saint Jerome important to me? Because I’m a translator

He’s not that important after all since, even though he’s the patron saint of translators, I don’t feel the need to commend myself to a patron—let alone a religious one.

'Sant Jeroni al seu estudi' de Domenico Ghirlandaio [font]

‘Saint Jerome in His Study’ by Domenico Ghirlandaio [source]

Our beloved Jerome translated the Bible to Latin at the end of the 4th century. That translation was known as the Vulgate as it was aimed at the common people (vulgus); which didn’t refer to the audience of reality shows at that time yet.

Funnily enough, Jerome is coming up this September, exactly after I’ve quit my job as an English teacher in favour of something that was hinted at in the Cork post. That something was related to dolphins, more precisely, to the accumulation of pesticides in their organism. This is not EITHER A LINGUIST OR A CHEMIST BE for nothing.

However, don’t panic over my quitting translation for I’ve never said that was going to happen. On the contrary, plans have been made to keep me in contact with this world. Jerome is to be in the spotlight today, though; therefore I’m not going to steal the show.


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