Allow me to be vulgar

Allow me to do something very vulgar, common, ordinary these days. Allow me to publish the commitments I’ve made to myself in private.

No, there’s no especial resolution to celebrate a set of 365 days defined by convention—I don’t wait for a change of diary to improve myself. However, I’ve been making some adjustments the last months. Now I use the situation to pretend intellectual depth and, additionally, apply social pressure on myself by exposure to public failure.

Nice ornament for these holidays [Jeremy Sternberg]

Nice ornament for these holidays [Jeremy Sternberg]

–          Learn a language with few speakers. I already speak English and Spanish; I can travel around the world. I want to learn a language out of curiosity, to earn credibility when I expect people to learn Catalan and, truth be told, to show off.
–          Improve my French. Yes, this is still the languages section.
–          Broaden my translation horizons. Although some masters and conferences may not live up to my expectations, they’re still better than nothing. Plus, I think practising is the best way to learn.

–          Become a proper chemist. I’ve been trained at university, in internships and in my master. Those were relatively short educational experiences. This time, the aim of my presence in the lab is to be a chemist, not learn how to.

–          Increase the kilometres I swim per week. Either swimming more often or having longer sessions. If the activity you like is also healthy, why would you stay at home?
–          Go out to the street every day. Following the previous line about leaving your bedroom, even if just to take the rubbish out or buy some bread.
–          Focus more on books and games. Books, video games and board games are the best option when there’s no swimming pool around.

This list could have been a lot longer indeed… were I to pursue frustration due to unachievable goals.


2 thoughts on “Allow me to be vulgar

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