Big Finish Productions – ‘We love stories’

Little did I know when I heard about Big Finish that audio dramas were so addictive.

Big Finish Productions is a British company that publishes CDs, downloads and some books. They produce high quality audios which are also suitable for practising your listening if you’re not a native speaker.

They love stories and make them extremely addictive

They love stories and make them extremely addictive

It was not a coincidence that I discovered Big Finish since it’s strongly connected to Doctor Who. In the seven-minute pre-anniversary episode The Night of the Doctor starring Paul McGann, the Doctor mentioned some companions that were unknown to me. I found out that the eighth Doctor had his own story and it was still going on.

Most Big Finish ranges are Doctor Who related. There’s the main range which releases a classic Doctor story every month starring the original Doctors and companions. There are also specific ranges for the fourth and eighth Doctors and even a range called The Lost Stories that adapts stories or scripts that were considered for the classic series but never produced.

Apart from these and other many Doctor Who ranges and spin-offs, you can find that other TV series and well-known characters have their own range, e. g. Blake’s 7, Sherlock Holmes, or Dorian Gray.

Bundles and subscriptions make titles available at cheaper prices and special offers are constantly announced in the news section and on Big Finish’s Facebook page. Therefore it’s extremely easy to pay an average of 3 £ or less for each hour of audio, which is very cheap and there’s no monthly fee—unlike with Audible from Amazon—so you decide when to spend your money.

To top it off, you can download your purchases as an audiobook or as mp3 files to any device as many times as you want, making it easy and comfortable to listen to them whenever and wherever you please—unlike with Audible from Amazon.


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