Today, I’m sharing with you three simple, short and even fun tests to test your dialect and your vocabulary in English.

Which English? (5 min)

Cutest thing ever for a post about English [photo: Daily Mail Online]
Cutest picture ever for a post about English [photo: Daily Mail Online]
English grammar is different around the world and influences of your own language—if it’s a different one—may show on your performance. This test consists of three parts. First you’re presented with a sentence and two pictures and you have to choose the image that best represents the sentence. Then you have to tick the phrases that fit in some gaps. Finally, you need to point out the grammatically correct sentences of a list. It’s not uncommon to find different answers to the same thing. But this test doesn’t allow greys; it’s black or white.

An algorithm will guess your dialect and your native language. The more people take the test, the better its guess will be. I took it twice and got English (UK) as my dialect. Scottish and Australian/Welsh were the second and third/third guesses, respectively. As for my native language, the first option was English (UK) and the third was Finnish both times. Its second guess was either Spanish or Hungarian.

How strong is your vocabulary? (1 min)

There’s only 10 questions. You need to select a synonym for each word out of four choices. That’s all. The average score is 2470. My average [3 attempts] is 2800.

Word test (5 min)

In this test you get 100 letter sequences. You have to decide whether they are actual English words or not. This gives an estimate of the percentage of English words that you know. Natives should get about 67 %; high-proficient second language speakers should get 33 %. My average [3 attempts] is 71 %.

I encourage you to take the tests and share your results here. Try to beat me. Someone has to take this show-off down a peck or two.

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