At the beginning of 2014 we learned how European research projects are started. One year later, further meetings are held to assess their progress.

Whatever name it gets, a 2/3-day meeting is organized to see if the researchers have done their homework. This homework was set first in the documents of the project and then discussed at the kick-off meeting. These goals to achieve are called deliverables and each one has its own deadline.

The first item on the agenda of the meeting—after the welcome speech—is the presentation of the results that every partner got. It is to be expected that the deadlines are met; however, it’s not uncommon—nor terrible—to have a couple of deliverables running one month late for multiple reasons. When the current situation is clear, decisions are made on how to solve problems, readjust the next steps according to the results or simply to keep on with the great job.

In bigger projects, there’ll be parallel sessions for different work packages to discuss their matters or test the devices they might be developing. On a later session, the relevant conclusions will be shared with the rest of the consortium. An independent advisory board consisting of several outstanding scientists from different fields is likely to assist to this session to have their say—in a constructive way.

Again, copious coffee breaks with sandwiches and canapés will be served every two hours and the social dinner will be held at an expensive restaurant that can’t even spell the name of your project and turns your pollution detector chip into a ship detector solution—whatever, just bring on those fancy desserts.

So, when are we going to that restaurant where they invent funny names? [photo© CTBTO]
So, when are we going to that restaurant where they invent funny names? [photo© CTBTO]

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