‘Do You Come Here Often?’

POTTER, Alexandra. Do you come here often? 2004.

‘Grace was just a teenager when Jimi broke her heart. But now she’s happy with her perfect fiancé Spencer. Even if it is a while since he’s mentioned actually getting married. Meanwhile, Jimi’s own wedding day is just around the corner. He’s certainly found the one. Or has he?’

Hodder & Stoughton’s edition, 2009

Hodder & Stoughton’s edition, 2009

It does sound cheesy. It’s a love story after all. More than one, in fact. Conversely, this one is unlike any other.

The plot is not obvious, or events don’t go the way the reader would expect. Potter sets some typical scenarios that fill you with pity for her because you’re one step ahead. Then you move on to the next chapter and it’s got ‘In your face’ written all over it. Unfortunately, she’s not that brave at the end of the book. Still, the real Itaca is not the destiny.

If you ask me, I’d say that this novel is like Bridget Jones’s Diary, if Bridget showed any wits or self-respect or a mature behaviour. Which teaches us that a woman can be heart-broken and live a love story without being stupid—feminists of the world, rejoice!

Whatever, Òscar; you still bought it before knowing the aforementioned… I could play it smart and say I don’t judge a book by its cover. But I was just out of a relationship and walked into this Outlet Books shop with cheap books in English. Do the maths.

There are some cons, though. We’ve already mentioned that the grand finale is not all that grand. There are also these two side stories. One is excessively fiction-like; and the character admitting it doesn’t solve the problem, instead it shows the author is aware it’s rubbish. The other doesn’t fit the topic of the book—and do I hate that character’s attitude.


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