For the last two weeks I’ve neglected everyone and everything in order to meet the deadline for my PhD thesis text, which I’m supposed to submit in a week. But I took that one morning off.

Two weeks ago Dr Matthew Murtha invited me to his Technically Funny radio show (Tue-Thu, 10 am – 12 pm on Barcelona City FM). Technically Funny brings music, science and comedy together. We had great fun but there’s no recording of that program.

However, a year ago I was a guest to Matt and his co-host Hannah Becker at Comics Curing Cancer, predecessor of Technically Funny, which was recorded live at the now closed Kosmobar. Luckily for you [?], I got myself a copy of the audio file, which I’m sharing today.

CCC Technically Funny
Picture of the interview, October 2016 [photo©: Yoran Beldengrün]
00:00 Opening tune.

01:00 Welcome with Dr Matthew Murtha and Ms Hannah Becker.

05:00 Comedy News in Science, including production of alcohol, chimpanzees using tools, differentiation of stem cells, the 5-second rule and making egg cells without ovaries.

17:00 Interview, including the correct pronunciation of my name, my reasons to become a scientist, my work with the chemistry dictionary, the search for my favourite something, the four new elements, my research on contamination in sea life and seafood, how to get dolphin samples, how to analyse the contamination in dolphins and seafood safety.

47:00 Questions from the audience, including more seafood safety and more dolphin analysis.

54:30 Final game.

57:00 Closing.

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