There are ways of contributing to science other than becoming a researcher or editing chemistry dictionaries. Today we’ll learn about a group of people who know this very well.

Scientists Dating Forum (SciDF) is not a dating app for nerds. SciDF is an association with a team of motivated young professionals from the scientific, communication and managerial fields from many institutions and countries of origin. They are set in Barcelona and offer scientists the tools to interact with politics, society and economics. The proper approach to these three elements can make the difference between great academic research and research with an impact on people’s life.

SciDF logo
You can find links to their social media profiles on their web site

SciDF organise round table discussions and debates in bars, the SciDF@Bars events, trainings and workshops at research institutes, which are called SciDF Talks, fun social activities for scientists, SciDF4Fun, and they also collaborate with other entities and programs, i.e. SciDF Co-Lab.

There is an event almost every month and most of them are suitable for anyone with an interest on the importance and promotion of science, so no specialised scientific knowledge is required to enjoy what SciDF have to offer. Two of the last events include a SciDF Talks about new biomedical technologies and their social application and a SciDF@Bars about the future of science if Catalonia became independent.

SciDF are also sensible to the latest news and happenings and respond fast with initiatives such as March for Science Barcelona or 21D #TambéVotemCiència, which involve all society regardless of their background.

Coincidentally —or not—, this Thursday 1st of March a SciDF4Fun evening science comedy show will be hold in Barcelona. You can see the details on their web site and pretend to be surprised at me being listed as one of the entertainers.

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