Last 1st of March Scientists Dating Forum (SciDF) offered one of their less frequent but super enjoyable fun social events. This SciDF4Fun, as they call it, was a chance for scientists and friends to network while having fun.

This event was a bit of me, myself and I since I was part of the organisation and performed in it. Not the first time I ask myself to speak at an event I’m organising though. That’s how you make sure a speaker won’t let you down. Of course, many other members of SciDF were also involved. And we managed to have full house, i.e. 100 people.

Gorgeous blond from overseas and host for the night Ryan Armstrong cracked the first jokes to welcome the audience to the four-piece science comedy show. The first half of the event included my Disney musical on pesticides in farmed salmon and Dr. Matthew Murtha and Marnie Manning’s humorous review of the last news in science. It’d be wrong of me to brag that we delivered comedy gold, but then, I was taught to always speak the truth.

Lana Vuli and Dr. Matthew Murtha

Ryan called the break for people to interact and refill their glasses —to have them easier in case we only delivered comedy silver. I must admit I missed that part but I could feel the ambience from the next room where I was getting ready for the second half. The second part of the show consisted of a cabaret number on seafood safety by Lana Vuli (aka drag queen me) and a science quiz by Dr. Matt and Marnie, who rewarded right answers with sweets so people would go home with a nice aftertaste of the event.

After Ryan closed the show with the last jokes, people stayed for one last drink, not out of disrespect for Ryan’s closure but because the mood was right. And this is what happens when people love science and are serious about it but know to enjoy it too. And if you live for science comedy come next Tuesday 20th of March to the first Technically Funny in Spanish, including an interview to me because we had a blast in the English edition.

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