After 8 years and over 350 posts, it’s a pity that my posts collect virtual dust at WordPress’s server. So this year I’m bringing back some of the best stuff, which doesn’t disagree with publishing new material.

alcohol - staxnet
Lab cupboards look like this, but less colourful [photo©: staxnet]
You may have noticed that I care about science and languages. I mean, it’s in the title of the blog. So here are four articles about the names of chemical compounds.

Pesticides, language and ‘Doctor Who’. What are pyrethroids? (2017). The world has met the new Doctor in season 11 of Doctor Who. See what this has to do with pesticides in this post.

Chemists conspiracy: all drinks are the same alcohol (2016). You might enjoy a cocktail or two —or six—, but did you know that whatever drink you ask for they always use the same alcohol?

What is actually butane? Linear alkanes (2013). You might have used butane to cook, especially in old buildings or when camping. Here are some details of your old friend and his relatives.

All that glitters is not butane. Linear alkenes and alkynes (2013). Introducing some cousins of butane. And these are only the close relatives!


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