There are some items of language that people tend to struggle with. And sometimes they don’t struggle, but still are unkowingly wrong. Let’s shed some light on everyday mistakes in English.

typewriter keys
Don’t combine them randomly [image: Maria Teresa Ambrosi]
What’s the proper way to say 1.5 h? (2013). Stupid as it sounds, the answer is not obvious. Is it one hour and a half, one and a half hour or one and a half hours?

Not all abbreviations are acronyms: shortenings, contractions, initialisms and acronyms (2014). If you can define and differentiate clearly all the terms in the previous line, skip this link. But can you?

The ‘boringer’ case: a better rule for comparatives (2014). All my students said boringer when I used to teach comparatives with the rules in the books. Then I made my own rule and it never happened again.

Correct these mistakes for Christmas (2016). If you’re a foreigner in Barcelona or planning to visit, you’re going to need this.

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