When I read the news, I couldn’t help but wonder: Why? Sex And The City is making a much unwarranted comeback with ten half-hour episodes to expand on the story of the drab, the jejune and the dreary.

Indeed, just Miranda, Charlotte and Carry are back, so we get the musty without the moist. Due to the feud between stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall, Samantha will not be retuning for this run, which was as predictable as all the plot lines from the original run.

My reaction to the news. ©New Line Cinema/Everett Collection

This fact puts to shame that Carry voiced-over reflection claiming that ‘Dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style’. That statement didn’t age well for, not only is the most popular friend gone, but we’re likely to get yet another series of clumsy attempts at sham character growth that enables randomising the viewing of 94 episodes and allows for perpetual season finale reboots.

If you think that quote is the only element that backfired, as Celine Dion would put it, baby, think twice. As per today’s standards, the ground-breaking and taboo-defying feminist bastion Sex And The City was the wet dream of misogynistic Karens. Never have you seen more entitled a woman than a writer of a second-rate tabloid who spends *quote* $40,000 in shoes *unquote* and brunches on weekdays in superb establishments while somehow being able to afford her own Manhattan apartment.

Oops! Did I say misogynistic? Let’s throw homophobic in to add insult to injury if the unwise reader were still a die-hard fan of the mess that show was. In the words of Samantha, ‘Gay men understand what’s important: clothes, compliments and cocks’. Few scenes in the 50 hours of published footage escape the Bechdel test unscathed. And woke turns broke when the two token gay guest characters serve as comic relief embodying the most gaudily egregious and crass clichés.

I’m not going to lie; I might watch some episode trying to find a person of colour who is not a fetishized or aggressive fleeting plot device with a lower frequency than the Halley Comet. After all, ‘I’m a trisexual. I’ll try everything once’, including this continuation titled And Just Like That...

Tweaking Samantha’s tweak on the expression: Entertain me badly once, shame on you. Entertain me badly twice, shame on me.

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