Translator and doctor in environmental chemistry
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Translator (UAB, 2008) and chemist (UB, 2009)

Doctor in Environmental Chemistry (UPC, 2017)
«Persistent and pseudo-persistent organic pollutants in the marine environment. Study on biota and seafood»

Master in correction (UAB) and in analytical chemistry (UB)
«La qualitat lingüística en els treballs de química analítica» (UAB, 2012)
«Development of a chromatographic method to analyse polyphenols in wine» (UB, 2011)
«Behaviour of pyrethroid insecticides in liver of striped dolphin from the Mediterranean Sea» (UB, 2014)


  • Environmental chemist at Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDAEACSIC), Barcelona
  • Environmental chemist at Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP), Toronto
  • Collaborations with TERMCAT
  • Translator for ICCIC, Escuela del Agua and TED
  • Correction: PhD thesis, scientific articles
  • English teacher at Institució Cultural del CIC and others





«Pyrethroids – The new classic»
Musical (10 min) reimagining Disney songs, based on the work of the article «Effect of pyrethroid treatment against sea lice in salmon farming regarding consumers’ health» Food and Chemical Toxicology, 2017.

«Seafood tango»
Drag queen musical (10 min) reimagining Cell Block Tango from Chicago, based on the work of the article «Ocurrence of halogenated flame retardants in commercial seafood species available in European markets» Food and Chemical Toxicology, 2017.

«Polutants harsh discoveries. Sea life and mankind» aka «PhD slam»
Stand-up comedy (15 min) summarising my whole PhD.

  • 3rd Meeting of Young Researchers from the IDAEA-CSIC (Oct 2017)
  • PLAYspiracy, BCNspiracy (Oct 2018) – Catalan version

«Science Queers»
YouTube channel about science by a drag queen.