EITHER A LINGUIST OR A CHEMIST BE is a tool to share my—usually linguistic or scientific—views on several topics. Here’s a brief summary of contents with links to some interesting posts as examples.

Regarding language, should you check the categories list, you’ll find language-focused posts and other linguistic resources. There’re also posts on varied language issues, both funny and serious. The posts related to chemistry are not many and not too specialised yet. At the moment you can find some general curiosities and other more useful texts.

But don’t think I’m neglecting leisure. Please, have a look at the entertainment category with films and books. Or you can travel with me should you have an interest on my trips. But perhaps you just want to relax with my miscellanea; sometimes decent, sometimes different.

By the way, if you enjoy languages and you can read Catalan or some Spanish, visit my other blog: Traduquímica et al.